What is a POOLSAIC™?

Poolsaic™ decorative pool emblems feature bright mosaic style graphics that last for several seasons in the pool. Don’t drain your pool! Simply drop your pool art in the deep end and apply pressure to activate hydraulic cling action. Removable, underwater pool medallions require no adhesive and are held in place by the weight of the material and simple gravity. Poolsaic™ decals work best in outdoor pools with smooth floor surfaces including concrete, vinyl, gunite, plaster, steel, and fiberglass. Non-adhesive pool emblems are compatible with automatic pool cleaners and resistant to pool chemicals and strong UV rays. Use under water only! Not for use outside the pool or as a walking mat.

POOLSAICS™ offer an inexpensive way to add removable, non-permanent pool art to your outdoor area. Our heavier mat is held in place by gravity and weight so no messy adhesive or complicated installation procedures are necessary. And best of all, when you are done with your pool art, you can simply remove it. There is no need to drain your pool or hire a professional to install great looking pool art for you! You can do it yourself in 3 easy steps!